Laugh Often, Live without Regrets, and Love to the Fullest

Laugh Often, Live without Regrets, and Love to the Fullest are my philosophy in life that is why i am Miss Sunshine. Always so cheerful and there is no regrets, we learn and grow up from the mistakes we make. 

Guess what now we can get this in a bottle of fragrance. I wonder how these fragrances will enhance my mood... so does it means when i want to be happy (always) i spray Laugh Often, when I need to be optimistic and take the challenges i spray Live without Regret and when i am in lovey dovey mood must be Love to the Fullest right... like this also can

It will be really cool when people ask you "excuse me miss, may i know what perfume you are using because i like the scent" then you answer "oh! its Laugh Often / Live without Regret / Love to the Fullest". Well, when i spray on this perfume it also remind me to be optimistic and live life to the fullest. 

Avon and Reese Witherspoon introduce Expressions A Trio of Scents to complement your every mood. The scents Laugh Often, Live without Regrets, and Love to the Fullest —fragrances that capture three different dimensions of Reese Witherspoon’s multi-faceted femininity.

The Inspiration: One day, she feels joyful and playful. The next, optimistic and modern. And sometimes, she exudes a sensual and sexy attitude. The Avon woman isn’t defined by one mood—her emotions change from day to day. . . and now her fragrance can, too. Inspired by the many sides of Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon, the Expressions collection includes three scents that comprise a candid expression of you. Each of the three scents— Laugh Often, Live without regrets, and Love to the Fullest —is a feminine, confident celebration of who you are. So whether you Laugh Often, Live without Regrets or Love to the Fullest, you can express yourself through the new fragrance trio.

As an actress, mother, and Avon Global Ambassador, Reese Witherspoon wears different hats every day—and embraces different sides of her multi-faceted personality. A shining, aspirational example of the woman who does it all, Reese is the inspiration behind the trio of scents dedicated to honoring every side of the modern woman. 

Reese says “Wearing fragrance is one way I express my personality. No matter what my mood, Expressions lets me convey my joy, confidence or sensuality—whatever I feel that day.

Laugh Often: Joyful and playful, Laugh Often is a bright, fun scent full of spontaneity. For the woman who laughs out loud, the Citrus Floral scent is full of sunshine and light. White tea and mandarin are blended with feminine floral notes like freesia and rose for a crisp, fresh appeal.


Live without Regrets: For the woman who lives every day to the fullest, this optimistic, modern scent is a celebration of joie de vivre. An ode to the art of living well, Live without Regrets is a Floral Fruity blend of lush petals and juicy fruit notes. A burst of effervescent bergamot introduces lush muguet petals and silky gardenia.


Love to the Fullest: Sensual and sexy, Love to the Fullest is a fragrant celebration of moments shared with someone special. Inspired by the fresh glow that comes with falling in love, the Oriental Floral scent is a rich, textured, seductive love note. The fragrance combines shimmering top notes of succulent black cherry with a plush peony floralcy and sensual amber and woods.

Price:  RM99.00 each, EDT, 50 ml

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