8tv Showdown 2010 Dramas

Why so many dramas going on, Showdown?
Last Wed we have FC pushing & blocking BSB. Kesian our BSB friends…I m so sad when BBS waving Sabah flag on stage after they were eliminated. Like it or not that’s the judges decisions. Not Fair. How can FC main kasar like that??? Frust with FC.
You can watch last wed repeat on 8tv today (Tues) at 11.30pm. Please check out the last part of the show when FC vs BSB battle.
This week pula, from showdown fb Joe (Wakaka) vomit after their performance. What happen??? My favourite crew GBC suspected of Denggi kah??? Is this khabar angin or the truth??? I think there are many more dramas behind the scene.
I support GBC. Hopefully GBC make it to final.
Tomorrow theme is Soundtrack.
The song list for tomorrow's battle

Which crew will get eliminated this week ah? You can watch it live on 8tv tomorrow nite or go to KL LifeCenter (please get ticket before the show).
The final is two weeks from now. Who will be in the Final? Who will be the BEST dance crew??? Who will win RM50,000???

Dentye ConfiDance Workshop

I participated the Confidance Workshop slot on June 26th at 4 pm at Kuala Lumpur Dance Association, Wisma OCM. It was the last workshop slot in KL. Hopefully not many participants already, shy lah can’t really dance…lol. To my surprise when I reached OCM at 4pm there were a lot of participants, some of them are pro dancer. They already started dancing and practicing. OMG!!! how am I going to survive for another 2 hours. Some more I don’t see any familiar face. Where are you girls??? Aiyoyo!
After registration we were given a T-Shirt. I quickly changed. Nice T-Shirt. Joel the instructor from Urban Groove gave some explanation about Soul Groove. The most important things, first you must dance with soul! Second your body must synchronize with the rhythm/tempo/beat!

Don’t be afraid if this your first time or you are not a pro or not a good dancer. Remember you dance for yourself. That’s Soul Groove Hip Hop!

Started with 15 mins warm-up. After that I din’t realized the rest of 1 hour past so fast…I syiok sendiri lah. Not sure i followed correctly or not but is ok, I dance for myself only. ConfiDance!
Dancing is fun and great workout.

Group Photo. Yeah! We have Graduated! ahem without cert...

I hope that Dentyne will organize more dance workshop in the future.
Don’t Think Just Dance

Indulgence by Suria KLCC, Kiehl’s Isetan KLCC Pajama Party & SATC2 by Body Shop

Friday nite, , June 18th full of events. Arrived KLCC at 515pm. The Indulgence event by Suria KLCC started at 530pm at Apartment, KLCC. Met Doroshi, Fatin, Cia Wei, Jess, Rane, Sabrina and a few new friends.

All girls Chit-chat...Chit-chat. Time for photo taking... Alamak!!! my camera out of battery. Have to pinjam photos from friends. Jangan marah ya.

Indulgence started with product introduction (Talika Liposil, Eye Detox) and demo by Talika, the RMK introduced their new gel foundation and make up demo, fashion show by BCBG (Doroshi favourite) and Miss Sixty and Issey Miyake EDT for men and women. Last by not least, is the Lucky Draw…yay! ha ha Doroshi won the Talika Eye Detox & RMK Massage Balm and Fatin won Miss Sisty neckless. Congrats to Doroshi & Fatin! Clap!!! Clap!!!

Indulgence event photos from Doroshi. Thanks Doroshi :D

Next we walked to Isetan KLCC for Kiehl’s Pajama Party. Thanks to Tammy for informing me about this party :D Oppss none of us wearing pajamas. Kiehl’s launching Night Recovery Concentrate its almost 100% natural and its pure essential oil. My skin type is dry/dehydrated so it is suitable for me. I have finished my sample.

Kiehl’s event photos from Doroshi. Thanks again muack muack.

One nite, Two Drops & Younger looking skin by Morning

After Kiehl’s quickly drove to Pavillion for Sex and the City 2 organized by The Body Shop at GSC Pavillion.

Thanks to Suria KLCC, Kiehl’s and Body Shop for the events and also all my friends.

Her World Celebrates Environment Day

June 4th morning, I attended Her World Celebrates the Environment Tree Planting event. It was in Taman Metropolitan Kepong. The event started at 10am till 12 noon. I was late, arrived around 1045am coz am not familiar with Kepong area and I lost my way. It was a fun event with sun & sweat. I remembered my sunblock but forgot my hat/cap. Lucky no sunburn.
Daphne Iking the event MC.

Managed to plant 2 trees with the help of my 2 friends Catherine and Siti.

I noticed my hands were shaking after that. Why ah??? Maybe not used to cangkul, actually quite heavy and I am not wearing hand gloves.

You can’t solve the world’s problems but you can decide to do something as an individual.

Thanks to Her World.

Salabianca - Revolutionize Your Fashion Style

Date: 10 & 11 July 2010

Venue: Salabianca, Pavillion KL (Level 4)

Time: 11am - 8pm

Opulence & Luxury are so last century!
Say hello to classy, cool, casual chic styles that look great on everybody!

Don’t hesitate! Mark down the dates & get ready to discover a whole new you with salabianca! A special gift will be given to participants. (while stocks last)

* This event is only open to FANS of the salabianca Facebook fanpage ages 15 and above.
Facilities will be available for non-fans to join on the spot at the event venue.
Sponsored prizes are subject to terms & conditions as stipulated by participating sponsors.
For more info please visit Salabianca Facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/Salabianca

Biotherm - Absolute Power to Score Party

Join Biotherm Homme, the No 1 Men's Skincare brand worldwide and enjoy the World Cup fever at ChillOut Subang Parade Shopping Centre on the 26th of June 2010, 8 pm to chill out before the start of Round 16. A night with with food, drinks, games, prizes and excitement of World Cup 2010.

Participate in games during the event and stand a chance to win attractive merchandise from Puma & Biotherm Homme worth up to RM 2,000. 1st 300 Guests will receive goodies bags worth RM 70 inclusive of 2 complimentary bottles of Heineken, magazines from August Man, Four Four Two, Puma and of course, Biotherm Homme.

Guests would also be entitled to complimentary finger foods that will be served from 8-9pm, so don't be late! So head down to ChillOut this 26th of June, 8 pm and catch the match with Biotherm Homme.

RSVP now at admin@biotherm.com.my with your name (as per IC), contact number, and the number of buddies you're bringing along.

For more information please to go Biotherm Malaysia Facebook

See you there :-)

Dentyne Dance Workshop

Join the 'Soul Groove' Dance Workshop conducted by Urban Groove

Venue: Kuala Lumpur Dance Association, Wisma OCM

Date: Saturday, 19th June 2010 Saturday, 26th June 2010

Time Slot: 10am / 1pm / 4pm

Fees: FOC

Participant get a free T-Shirt and Cadbury goodies.

Workshop Requirement

1. Participants should not wear any jewelry.
2. Participants’ hair needs to be confined and out of the her/his face.
3. Participants should wear comfortable, decent clothing that are suitable
for movements. No jeans or overly baggy attire. Attire that are overly
revealing are not allowed.

4. Participants should wear sports shoes or casual sneakers.

1. Participants should arrive 30 minutes before workshop for
registration purposes.

2. Participants are to pay the RM10.00 registration fee in cash at the
registration counter.

Physical conditions
1. Participants are not allowed to smoke, curse or fight during the workshop.
2. Participants must ensure that they are in good health condition when
participating and to notify Organizer if suffering from any sickness.

3. Participants must not bring or consume any alcoholic drinks before and during
the workshop.

4. Participants must practice proper discipline and not be rowdy,
showing off or execute any moves that participants are trained to do.

5. Participants are encouraged to have a light meal an hour before workshop.
6. Participants are encouraged to bring sufficient drinking water to keep hydrated.

To register go to http://www.myc.com.my/dentyneconfidance/Pages/home.aspx

8tv Showdown 2010 ~ Theme 70s’ (2nd Jun)

8tv Showdown 2010 is a one-of-a-kind reality dance battle crew show the first ever in Malaysia to take the competition. I read so much about this happening dance reality show on Tammy’s (Plus Size Kitten) and Fatin’s (Chocolate Cats & All Thing Strange) blog n fb.


Date : 2nd June '10
Venue : KL LIVE, Life Centre
Time : 9.00pm
Theme: 70s’
Thanks to Nigel Sparks from EchoPark so kind gave me the last vip pass so that I could be in same girls geng (gg) with Fatin, Stacey and Tammy. Wallah! leng chai & leng lui dancers, electric performance, songs, gg and crowd rock KL Life Center. I have fun, din’t know I can be so energetic especially after a hard day work. The show ended around 11.30pm.

I support… of course the all girls
Soul Krazy

And also the best dancers
Giller Battle Crew

This wed, 9th Jun theme is Street Flava… check out the hot song list

For more information and the show ticket reservation please go to 8tv Showdown 2010 official web http://www.8tv.com.my/showdown2010/index.asp or their facebook at http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/8TV-Showdown-2010/203391564683?v=wall&ref=ts