Go Green, Wear Blue with H&M Conscious Denim

H&M Conscious Denim, go green, wear jeans, wear denim

Coming soon! Well, H&M will introduce Conscious Denim on October 2nd. It’s a collection with clean styling and contemporary fits that uses not only more sustainable materials, but also more conscious processes. This is a full collection with modern cuts in deep indigo tones. Go green and wear blue with H&M Conscious Denim.

H&M Conscious Denim, go green, wear jeans, wear denim, for women

For women, Conscious Denim has the essential styles of the season, from low-waisted or high-waisted skinny jeans to boyfriend cut and tapered ankle. Alongside these denim essentials, there are also pieces made from conscious materials that wear just like denim, to create the full look. Jogger jeans in knitted indigo have the softness of sweatpants, while an indigo boiler suit in Tencel has a sharp, slim fit.

H&M Conscious Denim, go green, wear jeans, wear denim, for men

For men, classic 5-pocket styles in raw denim are joined by jeans in different cuts and washes. As well as a deep indigo denim jacket, there's a twill worker’s jacket while an indigo wool coat is the perfect outer layer for the season. Meanwhile for kids there are different styles, including jeans and dungarees, all in Conscious materials.

H&M Conscious Denim, go green, wear jeans, wear denim, for kids

When creating Conscious Denim, H&M used criteria from Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia to test its denim washing processes, including water consumption and energy consumption. To meet the Conscious Denim standards at H&M, the materials have to be sustainable, and the washes have to achieve the highest status according to Jeanologia’s criteria. The collection includes pieces for women, men and children, and will be available worldwide in around 1,000 stores for women and 700 stores for men, as well as online.

Each garment in the Conscious Denim range will feature the Clever Care label, with details on sustainable wear and care, while in store hang tags will describe the Conscious qualities of each piece. For more information please visit www.hm.com

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