The Games to Keep Your Brain Engaged this Christmas

The Christmas holidays are a great time to wind down from work for a few weeks, put your feet up and relax after a long year. It’s a time to indulge in a little too much food and drink, watch every Christmas movie until your heart's content, and spoil your loved ones with great gifts.

However, there’s only so much of Elf you can take before you begin to miss being productive. If you’re feeling like you need to re-engage your brain this Christmas after too much indulgence, we’ve picked out some of the best games below to keep you on your toes. 

Genie Jackpots Wishmaker

If you’re looking for an online game to keep you entertained and perhaps offer a short break from the inlaws this holiday season, Genie Jackpots Wishmaker is one of the best slots games to choose. Developed by leading software company, Blueprint Gaming, this slot game offers a plethora of special features and bonuses that can increase your chances of winning the jackpot. 

If you’re a Disney fan, this game will be especially suited to you as it is based on the genie from Disney's Aladdin. So if you’re looking to bag yourself one more Christmas present this year, try out this leading slot game of 2022. 


Scrabble games are one of the best to play at Christmas as it’s a great way to get all the family involved and is suitable for most age categories. Whether you’re looking to keep the kids spelling in check during the school break, or want to see how well you and your partner can spell after a glass of wine or two, scrabble is all round fun.

What’s more, if you don’t own the board game or have lost a few pieces over the years, you can now play scrabble on your phone too for added convenience. 

Our Moments

This game is slightly different as rather than engaging the brain from an educational perspective, like chess games, this awakens your emotional intelligence and helps you to reconnect with loved ones. As a one of many popular family games, you will come across questions such as “What is something you will never try again?” or “What have you lost since childhood that you wish to regain?”. 

The game is available on Amazon and makes for a heartwarming time with friends and family this holiday season. 


There’s nothing like a good old game of chess to challenge the relatives to. Whether you’re just learning to play or are the family chess champion, there are a number of resources out there online that can help you to improve your chess skills.

However, if you need a break from relatives, you can also take yourself off to a quiet room and challenge yourself to a game of chess against your computer. If you’re feeling really brave, set the difficulty level to the max and see just how good your chess skills really are. 

Jackbox Games

Available on gaming consoles like the Xbox, Jackbox games is a platform that offers both traditional and innovative games to keep everyone entertained. One of the best things about Jackbox games is that you can display the game up on the big screen, but then everyone uses their mobile devices as a remote control. 

There’s a whole range of games available with both free and premium content. From games where you have to guess who the traitor is, to quiz games with a fun adult twist. It may not be suited to the whole family but it sure is a great party option.


Braingle is a game that claims to have the largest collection of brain teasers available in one game. Sounds like it might be suited to you? If you’re looking to engage your logic, reasoning, verbal, spatial and maths abilities then this game is the ideal option as it provides a variety of quizzes, brain teasers, and aptitude tests to keep you entertained for hours. 

In order to save scores and join the leadership board you will need to create a free account. However, the great news is the game won’t cost you a dime as the content is completely free. 

Overall, it can be easy to switch off over the Christmas period and overindulge a little too much. You then go back to work or college in the new year struggling to re-engage your brain and are left feeling like you need another holiday. To avoid the New Year slump, have a go at playing some of the above games to keep your mind engaged this Christmas season. 

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