How to Discover and Embrace Your Authentic Self

Your sexual identity is an important part of who you are. Unfortunately, few people understand this, and so, live their lives in states of total repression. Not expressing yourself sexually (and leading a life of repression) could lead to the development of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. At the very least, it’ll leave you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

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If you’re interested in exploring sexually and want to know more about who you are, then this post will help you. This article will tell you how you can discover and embrace your authentic sexual self.

You can watch porn in private, without fearing judgment from others. You can figure out exactly what turns you on in the comfort of your own home. One of the best sites is OnlyFans. You can request custom content from OnlyFans nude accounts, which will further help you to figure out what turns you on. Custom content on OnlyFans can be expensive but it is worth it.

Casual sex can be another good way of exploring your sexuality. The only difficulty with casual sex is that it can be challenging to find people that share your interests. More often than not, the people you meet on hookup sites will have very tame interests but just want an orgasm. In spite of this, hookup sites are still good places to turn if you are looking for sexual experience. Exploring with people of the same or opposite sex to you can help you to become more comfortable with your sexuality.

If you aren’t having much luck with hookup apps, then turn to escorts. An escort is a sex worker, which means they’ll do more or less anything you ask them to, within reason. Escorting is legalized in most countries. If it is not legal in yours, then skip this step. You should never hire an illegal escort, primarily because they won’t be subject to the same hygiene standards and requirements that they would in countries where escorting is legalized and regulated. If you’re hiring an escort, ensure you hire one from a respectable company that pays its workers well and regularly performs health checks on them.

A ‘sex club’ isn’t a nightclub where people have sex, it’s just a club of like-minded people who come together, usually in their own houses. More often than not, sex club meetups descend into orgies. You don’t have to pay to sign up for these kinds of clubs, though donations are recommended. As long as you are a confident person, you are guaranteed a good time at one of these clubs. If you are not confident, you might struggle a little bit, since people indulge in all kinds of sex at these kinds of meetups.

Online Chat

Online chat can be a good way of exploring your sexuality and understanding what turns you on. You can talk to members of the opposite sex on chat sites. Most experts advise using video chat sites, like Chatroulette. These sites give you an opportunity to video call strangers. The vast majority of people you meet on these kinds of sites will not be interested in sex chatting, but occasionally you’ll bump into somebody who is. Do not expose yourself to people without their permission on these sites, as is very common for people to do.

Visiting Bars

Bars and nightclubs can be good places to go if you’re looking for casual sex and haven’t had much luck with hookup apps. If you’re going bar crawling in search of sex, make sure that you don’t drink too much (so you don’t get taken advantage of) and do not go home with anybody who’s overly intoxicated. The good thing about bars and nightclubs is that you can approach people without fearing judgment or ridicule. It’s expected of people to perform cold approaches at clubs. If somebody interests you, then approach them, get their number, and if you can, take them home.

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Extreme Interests

If you have more extreme interests, like BDSM for example, then in order to explore your sexuality you’ll need to either get in touch with a dominatrix or join a forum or chatroom that’s frequented by those who share your interests. Expressing extreme interests is not particularly difficult, since a lot of people have them these days. You do need to make sure that you’re confident you are interested in these kinds of things, though. A lot of people talk themselves into believing that they are, then when push comes to shove, find out they are not.

Being Confident

In terms of actually exploring in person, it’s important to be confident. People who lack confidence will have no success exploring their sexualities in the real world. You need to be bold, confident, and clear about what it is you want. Do not feel ashamed of yourself for pursuing sex with strangers. However, do make sure that you take steps to protect yourself, i.e., wearing condoms. If you can, then verify the people you’re having sex with are clean from disease and illness. It’s common among people who have casual sex for STDs and STIs to be spread, which can be very dangerous.

Finally, do not feel shame in your actions. There is a lot of stigma surrounding casual sex. You should not feel shame for pursuing your natural human desires, even if it’s with multiple people at once. Having sex is fun and very normal. Do not confuse shame with hesitance, however. If you are hesitant to do something, then do not force yourself to. You should only ever do something if you are completely comfortable with it. Forcing yourself into acts of sex will only ever lead to you feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, and worse of all, unsatisfied.

Sex is an important part of life. If you aren’t having much of it because you haven’t yet explored your interests, then now’s the time to start looking. This post’s guidance will help you to get started on exploring, and pursuing sex in the real world.

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