Guide on Making Money on OnlyFans as a Side Hustle

OnlyFans is one of the most popular platforms right now, and it’s growing every day. Girls and guys, from all around the world are having the time of their life, while also making money. The platform is totally safe, for both the models and the users, and that is one of the main reasons why people grew so fond of it. But, how much money do models actually make? 

Guide on Making Money on OnlyFans as a Side Hustle
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The following article will walk you through everything you need to know about the platform, and we’ll share some of the best OnlyFans models and their ways of making enough money by providing content and being unique, kinky, and creative. 

Making money on OnlyFans

Click the button- premium profiles 

First off, we believe that you already know how the platform works. You find a profile of a girl that you like, you click the subscribe button and you pay a monthly fee so that you can look at her posts at all times. Clicking the button gives you access to every existing post of hers and all the posts that are yet to come. The monthly fee depends on the girl, her quality, and accessibility. 

For example, if the girl is a famous pornstar or a cam girl that we all know, her monthly fee can be smaller. Take Alexis Texas, for example. This big booty star had a profile completely free of all charge, but lately, her monthly fee is just under 5 bucks. But, smaller fees for famous babes are not always the case. There are tons of pornstars that are featured in everyone’s wet dreams, that charge way more than Alexis. Their price can go up to 30 bucks a month. But, trust us when we say, what you see in the porn movies is nothing compared to what you’ll see on their private accounts. 

Accounts completely free of charge 

As we said, Alexis had an OnlyFans account completely free of charge. Many girls, pornstars included, have these kinds of profiles. But, how do they make money then? The answer is simple, and it all comes down to the fans’ willingness to leave a decent tip to the girls. 

Many free accounts have what’s called a tip menu, and they rarely post pics on their feed. If they do so, they are doing it to spoil you, and to have fun that day. The tip menu has tons of activities that the babe is willing to do for a fair price. For instance, you can leave a tip and expect to see a feet pic in your DM real soon. The possibilities are endless, and you should expect a quick reply. 

[image: pexels by CC0 Public Domain]

The best of both worlds 

And of course, we have girls that have two separate accounts, one being completely free of charge, and the other one being a premium one. This really works out in their favor. Many followers like to check the waters first, and they can do so by subscribing to the free profile first. But, you should remember that free accounts are not always free, and usually, you need to leave a decent tip to get more close and personal with the model. 

The premium accounts are always better and juicier than the free ones. For a fair price, you aren’t obligated to tip in order to get some hot pics and full-length videos. But, if you want to get that special treatment and to get closer to your favorite babe, you might consider this option. 

How much money would you make? 

The fee is the same for everyone when it comes to premium accounts, and girls usually have tons of followers, depending on the frequency they post, and the quality and uniqueness of their content. So, if a girl has a monthly fee of 5 bucks, and has at least 50 followers, her paycheck would be around 250 bucks a month. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s definitely fun money. 

Girls with exclusive content can make even more, and some climb up to 1000-2000 bucks a month just by posting pics and fulfilling their fans’ fantasies. But still, the paycheck depends on how much you charge, how hard you promote yourself, and of course, how much the fans are willing to tip you at once. All in all, for starters, all you need is a good laptop and stable internet to avoid OnlyFans downtime the rest is up to you and it can be very good! 

The highest-paid model on OnlyFans

There are tons of girls making some serious money, but only a few of them can make it to the top. One of them is Jem Wolfie, an Australian busty babe that currently makes 900.000$ a month, simply by posting selfies, hot pics, and full-length videos of hers. That is more than enough to make you quit your daily job and continue your lavish life as an OnlyFans babe. 

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