Fascinating Places in Asia to Visit For Gaming Enthusiasts

Gaming lovers will find avenues to punt anywhere. But if you can combine the thrill with an attractive destination to visit, it can be so much more fun! 

Fascinating Places in Asia to Visit For Gaming Enthusiasts
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For example, the Asian gambling market is currently valued at around USD 15bnm, growing at a blistering pace of 18% per annum because it continues to attract punters with its beautiful locales and destinations.

In this article, we will talk about some of the well-established as well as up-and-coming gaming destinations across Asia.

#1. Macau, China - The Gaming Capital of the East

By all standards, Macau remains the most popular gaming destination in Asia. Not for nothing do people call it the Las Vegas of the East.

Macau is a city born for gamblers - with so many great casinos to cover; you can spend days just visiting the wonderful and unique hotels. Must visit destinations include The Venetian, The Parisian Macau, MGM Resorts, and the Grand Lisboa.

Each casino gives you a special cultural feel that you might not find anywhere in the world - so if you want to do a world tour, start with Macau!

Apart from the casinos, there are many other options around the city for a wholesome vacation, including a day visit to the Ruins of St. Paul's and the ever-busy Senado Square for shopping.

#2. Malaysia – Gaming in The Mountains

The Genting Highlands Resort in Malaysia is a true gamers' paradise. A piece of history for the gambling enthusiast, this resort offers a unique experience of vacationing with its breathtaking views from the Ulu Kali mountain top.

Not many gamers know that the first Resort's World Casino was the Genting Casino in Malaysia, which opened way back in the 70s with just 30 tables. Today, the resort sprawls across 200,000 sq. ft., and the number of tables has grown to more than 400. 

If you are looking for sightseeing, mount Ulu Kali is located just 35 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, where you can reach using a very scenic ropeway cable car, the Genting Skyway.

There are no other casinos in Malaysia apart from Genting Highlands due to the strict anti-gambling laws there. However, you can always go to the famous Selangor Turf Club tracks, just 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur airport. 

What if you don't want to stay at Genting Highlands but still need a bit of gaming action? You can always turn to online casinos. Malaysia is a peaceful, multi-cultural country made up of Muslims (69%), Chinese (22%) and Indian (7%) so around one third of the population is free to gamble, and the remainder tend to gamble even if they should not. 

With online casinos becoming highly popular in Malaysia it is important for bettors to pick the most reliable, safe and regulated online casinos. It is recommended to turn to trustworthy sources such as Basketballinsiders that have an insightful guide about the best online casino Malaysia has to offer, including in-depth information regarding the different casinos along with expert reviews.

#3. Singapore - An All-Round Gaming Holiday

Singapore has so much to offer that gaming enthusiasts sometimes miss that it is a very accomplished gaming destination. While Macau is famous for the many casinos that it houses, Singapore has only two - but those two are perhaps the most outstanding places for gaming in Asia!

If you haven't heard of Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, I am sure you must have seen their pictures. Both are easy to recognize - Marina Bay for its unique three-pillar ship-like roof and infinity pool and Resorts World for its Universal Studios and other family adventure activities.

Both are draped in luxury in and out, making them a perfect setting for gaming. Marina Bay Sands is one of the most expensive gambling properties in the world, whereas Resorts World has a partnership with IGT that allows it to offer some of the most exclusive slot games in the world

#4. The Philippines – The Gaming Destination of The Future

The Philippines offers something for everyone as a holiday destination, but it has been growing its reputation slowly and quietly when it comes to gaming. Earlier thought to be just a poor cousin to the Macaus of Asia, the Philippines has started coming into its own with some amazing casinos and gaming destinations over the last few years.

The oldest and perhaps still the most popular casino in Manila is the Resorts World Manila, located near the airport. It has close to 1500 slot machines and more than 300 tables, making it as lavish as any casino in Vegas. However, the resort's reputation took a beating after a shootout in 2017, and since then, other venues have grown in stature. 

Chief among them is the Solaire Resorts and Casino, which offer a beautiful view of the shimmering waters of Manila Bay. City of Dreams is another favorite of punters. The Okada Manila is also coming up as a destination to beat in the world of gaming.

Apart from the gaming scene, the Philippines is known for its culture and cuisine, and lots of vacation spots are dotted across its beautiful beaches.

#5. Seoul - Travelers' Gaming Spot

South Korea has a very liberal outlook towards gaming as far as foreign travelers are concerned, with as many as 23 major casinos spread across the country, many of them concentrated in the capital city, Seoul. The major ones open for tourists are the Seven Luck Gangbuk Hilton, Paradise Casino Walkerhill, and the Seven Luck Gangnam Coex.

While tourists can bet freely in South Korea, it is difficult for Koreans to get a table themselves since the only casino where they are allowed to gamble is the Kangwon Land Resort and Casino, which is located in a remote location in the Northern part of the country.

#6. Japan & Vietnam - Newbies in the Fray

Japan came late to the gaming party, with the legalization of gambling happening in 2016 through two bills that the country approved. The Integrated Resorts bill legalized gambling in "integrated resorts" but put a lot of restrictions on their operation, including a limit of not more than 3 IRs in the country. Proposals are currently under consideration in the Japanese artificial island of Yumeshima in Osaka Bay, Nagasaki, and Wakayama.

Vietnam is another beautiful destination that gaming enthusiasts can look forwards to in the future. Vietnam has been having a lot of trials for economically qualified citizens since 2017, and if they do open up gambling in the future for locals, large casino chains are sure to flock to the country to open their businesses here.

Wrap Up

While Asia continues to be seen as a weaker market compared to western countries for gaming, the presence of beautiful landscapes, scenic beaches, and of course, sparkling casinos is sure to continue to grow gaming in this continent over the next few decades.

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