Popular Real Money Online Game Guide 2020

There are plenty of games online that you can play and win real money. Many of these games are chance-based games that are easy to learn and play.

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If you’re someone who’s played in a brick and mortar casino before, you know how popular slots are. Hence, it was brought to online casinos, and it remains to be one of the most played games. Most players can’t really resist trying or play again when it comes to this game, especially if they’re winning.

The same rules apply when playing slots in online casinos. Similar rules for the game, different dynamics in where you’re playing at. In case you’re a first-timer, here’s a guide to real money online casino slots that you can follow.

Your location

Let’s start with the simple stuff when it comes to playing slots online. First, you have to choose a website to play in, and in doing so, it’s advisable to consider your location first. People can gamble in most countries, but not always legally.

The country where you live has an impact on your overall online casino experience. The websites you can join, the variant of slots you can play, payment options, and bonuses. All of those can be dependent on your location.

Aside from those reasons, you also have to familiarize yourself with the online gambling laws in your country. If your country doesn’t allow banks to process online gambling transactions then that means you can’t play games for real money. You’ll have to resort to using cryptocurrency or find an offshore site so you can play.

Online Casino Software

The software is another important factor to consider when playing online. Online casinos normally avail the help of a software provider in terms of developing games and the system that they’ll use for casino operations. As a player, your concerns with software ultimately boils down to two things: providers and compatibility.

Is the software that the online casino you’re playing at uses compatible with your devices? If it’s not, then you need to find a website whose software can be paired with what you have. The providers who create the slot games for online casinos should be considered as well since the options of games that you’ll play come from them.

Payment and withdrawal options

Since you’ll be playing slots for real money online, you’ll have to look into the payment methods available in the online casinos that you’re looking to play at. Most of them have common options such as credit and debit cards, bank wires, money transfer outlets, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

Something to take into consideration is the player base of the online casinos where you’re looking to play at because their payment methods depend on the audience that they serve. In general, players want the fastest methods of depositing and withdrawal. Apart from that reason, you’ll also want to have an option that is accessible to you.

Other than the banking choices, you’ll also have to take note of online casino limits. What’s the minimum amount of deposit and the maximum amount that you can withdraw? Are there fees that you have to pay for every transaction process? How often do they impose cash out limits for slot winnings?


Bonuses have long been a part of the marketing strategy of every online casino and betting sites. So you can take advantage of them. Look for casinos that have good slot game bonus offers.

Usually, they would offer first deposit bonuses or free spins so you can play without paying. They also have loyalty and VIP programs, where you can use the points that you earn each time you play to get more prizes. Aside from the promotions, you’ve got to look into the terms and conditions that these casinos have in place. Many of them have wagering requirements that you need to meet before you can have a bonus.

Things to expect

If you’re new to playing slots online, then here are the things that you can expect to see about it:

Types of Slot Machines

There are usual types of online slot machines that you can play for real money. They are as follows:

● Classic 3-Reel

These are the original slots that have the diamond or fruit symbols

● Video

Video slots are typically 5-reel machines. Often these slots have features or special bonuses that you can trigger.

● Progressives

Progressives can either be a 3-reel or 5-reel machines. The difference is a portion of every max bet on these machines is added to the jackpot, making it bigger.

● TV Show/Movie

These slots are designed using a theme from a popular TV show or a specific movie.

Types of Slot Features

Here are the common features of slots online:

● Wilds

Wilds are symbols that work with surrounding symbols that increase the paying payline.

● Cascading Wilds

Cascading Wilds are symbols that help you win but eventually disappear from the reel to allow other symbols to come in to play so they can potentially form another winning combination of symbols. These are often used to eventually trigger bonus rounds.

● Bonus Games

Bonus games are triggered when you hit a specific combo. When you do, you’ll get to play a mini-game for more credits or multipliers.

● Multipliers

Multipliers multiply your winnings for a particular round of for a certain number of spins.

● Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds are “wild” symbols that bundle together and remain behind for that particular spin when you got them—these compounds over the course of several spins or free spins, which increases your chances of winning.

Wrapping up

Slots are pretty popular with both online and brick and mortar casinos because of how easy it is to play and the opportunities that it gives players to win more prizes. It’s got variety and style as well. Starting out with slots when gambling online is fun, and once you find your groove, you can settle in and take your time playing.

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