Importance of Drug Tests and How to Bypass Them

Drug tests have become nightmares to many people. Some go to great lengths just to make sure they pass the test despite being long-term users. The most common drug test is the urine drug test. However, some people have been known to conduct hair, blood, and saliva test.

Why Drug Tests Are Conducted

Drug tests are performed occasionally by different institutions to help keep order in various institutions. Usually, organizations conduct drug test before hiring employees. Others schedule random drug tests to prevent employees from coming to work drunk, which might cause accidents in the workplace. 

Doctors also conduct drug test if they suspect a particular individual has problems with drugs or alcohol. An emergency room doctor may also request for a drug test if your behavior seems strange or questionable. These are also taken at the php drug rehab facilities for ensuring smooth recovery of the patients.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers also conduct drug tests on residents regularly. This helps ensure that people who receive treatment for drug or alcohol abuse stay sober. Finally, the tests can be administered at home. This is mainly conducted when members of the family or friends want to prove whether or not the individual in question has been taking drugs.

Types of Urine Drug Tests

There are two types of urine drug screens; immunoassay and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Immunoassay is a faster and cost-effective urine drug test. It's generally used in different places. However, this type of drug test isn’t too effective as it doesn't pick up on all opioids. At times, it also gives false positives even when the person hasn't used any drugs.

In such a case, then individuals can conduct the gas chromatography which is also known as mass spectrometry (GC/MS). GC/MS provides much better results. However, both tests create a false negative even when the individual has been using drugs. It's also essential to note that both tests can also fail to capture when someone has used drugs on the day of testing.

Passing Drug Tests

When going for a drug test, it's essential to know what kinds of drugs are tested for during the process. Drugs tested include, cocaine, opiates, THC, antidepressants, and MDMA.  Here are some ideas on how to passa urine drug test the next time you go through one.

Increasing Water Intake

Many people go for the dilute process. They raise their water intake which ends up lowering the drug levels in their body. This process requires regular consumption of water every three hours or more depending on one's drug intake. It also includes one regularly taking sample test in preparation for the final drug test.

Home Remedies

Depending on the types of drugs one takes, there are a few homemade solutions that might help in passing drug tests. However, some home remedies are a complete waste of time. These include bleach, vinegar, and cranberry juice.

Urine Substitution

In a case where you fail to get clean, one can always get urine from a drug-free individual to use for the testing. However, there are many risks associated with using this kind of method.

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