5 Tips For Improving Breath Control at the Gym

Lift With The Lungs - 5 Tips For Improving Breath Control at the Gym 

Breathing is easy, right? There’s nothing much to it. You just inhale, and exhale, and that’s it. Well, while it’s simple enough to breathe day to day, there are certain techniques to breathing to get the most out of certain situations. From knowing how to breathe when you’re lifting heavy weights to getting the most out of a yoga class, understanding your breath can be the key to unlocking your top performance when you’re in a fitness situation.

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So, next time you’re hitting the gym, using the gym equipment for weights or strength conditioning, or taking a class we want you to excel. So we’ve combined our top five breathing techniques to ensure that you get the most out of your workout. And as an added bonus we’ve included two breathing exercises to let you put these tips to work. 

Lift With The Lungs - 5 Tips For Improving Breath Control at the Gym 

1. Make sure your body is relaxed when you are breathing. It’s important to not force your breaths and to let your body do its work naturally. 

2. Keep your focus on the breath. Breathing mindfully is a big part of your success here. 

3. Don’t forget to practice your breathing regularly to make it part of your everyday routine.

4. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes you’ll forget to focus on your breathing for days at a time, but when you remember don’t scold yourself - just be glad you remembered.

5. Use your breathing to enhance your workout at the gym - and don’t forget to incorporate it into your lifting for great results.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing like a yogi - You’ve probably seen the contented looks on the faces of yogi everywhere. It could be all of the active wear that they have on, making them feel all serene, but it’s probably the fact that they know how to breathe to make them feel at one with the universe. The type of breathing used by yogis is best practiced during a yoga class and can be refined and perfected at any time.

How to do it?
Sit up tall and make sure you shoulders are relaxed and you are sitting up tall. Imagine that a string connected to the top of your head is being gently pulled upwards towards the sky. 

Now, gently close your eyes and breathe in and out through your nose. Take a few standard breaths before slowing your breathing down to take an inhale for the count of hour and an exhale for the count of four. Once you have done a couple of these breaths you can then begin to restrict the back of your throat slightly to make the slight rumbling sound that is indicative of you doing this exercise right.

When you use it?
This yogi breathing is perfect whenever you’re feeling stressed or worried, at work, at home, or any time at all. You can use yogi breathing in your yoga class (of course) but also in any workout situation when you want to return to the present moment.

Pre-workout breathing - alternate nostril ~ Don’t get distracted at the gym, make sure you are focused on every breath. This pre-workout breathing practice helps you to get centred and focus on your output.

How to do it?
Start sitting comfortably, make sure your shoulders are nice and loose and your chest is open and ready to take in fresh breath. Close your eyes and start breathing in and out through your nose nice and slowly. Do ten cycles of inhalation-exhalation before you move onto the next step. 

Get your right thumb and put it onto your right nostril, making sure that you have closed off this nostril. Breathe through your left nostril. Then, when your lungs are full, take your right index finger and close your left nostril and exhale. Then inhale through your left nostril, exhale through your right. Inhale through your right, exhale through your left. Repeat this for ten breaths on each side.

When to use it?
Just before a workout to ground and centre you, or any time you’re going to do something stressful. 

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