Isn't Life Great? by Watsons

Watsons Isn't Life Great Campaign was launched in KL Hilton on 1st June at 2.30pm. The campaign was kicked off with the unveiling of a brand new TV commercial and song.

Watsons Isn't Life Great TVC

Mr. Faiz Shah, Watsons Sr.Marketing Manager

At Watsons we believe that life’s special moments happen every day. Whether it’s your kids running around in the lawn, sharing a special secret with someone or just relaxing at home, these are the simple moments that we tend to forget are special, until they’re gone. 

So to celebrate these special everyday moments, Watsons developed a campaign that was based on one simple insight – we make everyday products of great quality and great value that actually help make everyday life great. 

Check out Watsons Isn't Life Great website click HERE

Watsons Isn't Life Great website not only features the TV commercial and song which customers can download but also can download Sales Catalogues, search and review functions for all become product reviewers for the new range of products.

Watsons Brand Story: Range Great Skin Great Body and Great Care

Plus Isn’t Life Great? Contest log on and share a photo of your Isn’t Life Great moment. Contest run from 13th of June till 17th of July 2011. Winner will take home 1 year supply of Watsons Brand products worth of RM3000 as grand prize. So isn’t life great.

Isn’t Life Great? Contest click HERE

During the launch, there was pampering session for everyone. We were given hand scrub and massage and also mini facial plus a make-up. There are heath screening and  blood test.     

Adore this Watsons H Bella Rose and Mixed Berries Range

Hand Pampering Room

Watsons H Bella Products for hand scrub and massage

Facial Room  

 Watsons Facial Products

Watsons Floral Temptation Range

Miss Sunshine

Isn’t Life Great Jingle

Woke up this morning with a smile
no worries, no doubts, just good times
everything's alright
everyday is fine with sunshine
won't you sing along...

Isn't life...
In the morning...
In the evening...
all day and
Isn’t Life Great when we're with you?

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