Yes Life iOS App

Communication will never be the same. For the first time, Apple iOS devices and Mac computers have a 018 mobile number with the Yes Life App

Now you can make and receive calls & SMS at the lowest local & IDD rates, plus enjoy NO roaming charges while abroad.

Yes Life makes Apples Talk… How?

Your iPad and iPod now can talks
Your iPhone can have dual-line which is 018 (Yes) and 1 more line with either Maxis/Digi/UMobile/Celcom/TM because remember Yes does not require SIM cards.


So give your iPad and iPod touch a voice or iPhone a 2nd mobile number, and experience the amazing world of Yes!

With Yes Life App, you get the freedom to communicate via the Internet, make and receive calls or SMS to and from any connected mobile devices or computer, both PC and or from any connected iOS and Mac OS X device simultaneously. 

This is possible because Yes does not require SIM cards, just use your Yes ID to login to Yes Life and start using your 018 mobile number to connect to anywhere you want. In other words, as long as you have access to Yes 4G or the Internet, you can stay in touch with your friends and family at all times, even if you're in another country.

Say 'Bon Voyage' to expensive international roaming charges. Yes Life works on most of the Internet connection so you when you're out of the country, you can use it to call or SMS back home at local Malaysian call rate of just 9 sen per minute/SMS. Your friends and family can also call and SMS you at your Yes 018 number too - it's as if you have never left home! Isn’t it Amazing? Yes!

If you receive a call, your computer and mobile device with the Yes Life app will ring at the same time, and you can choose which one to answer. What's more, you can call or SMS to any Malaysian number from anywhere in the world at local Malaysian call rates.

How to connect to Yes Life?

1. Get a Yes ID
Once you have a Yes ID, you can use Yes Life through our 4G devices, iOS devices or any Windows and Mac OS computers with an Internet Connection.

2. Download Yes Life App

Download Yes Life for PC.
Yes Life for Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7

Download Yes Life for Mac.
Yes Life for Mac OS X

Click HERE 

For Yes Life for Apple devices (iPhone, iPads and iPod touch) Apple App Store.
Click HERE 

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, MD YTL Corp and Wing Lee, CEO YTL Communications

Bloggers using Yes Life App on iPad and iPhone to text 

AMAZING thing happens when you say YES

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